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entry posted on: 14 March 2016
entry posted on: 10 March 2016
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Current Residence
Date Listed
Current Assignment
or Position
Aaron, Scott
Killeen, TX
11 Feb 05
Updated 29 Apr 06
Mar 06
A Co 7/158th Avn Regt
Ft Carson, CO
(Dec 02 - Jan 04) A Co 7/158th Avn Regt Ft Hood Tx
(Jan 04 - Apr 05) M Co 7/158th Avn Regt
(Apr 05 - Apr 06) A Co 7/158th Avn Regt Ft Hood TX
Abbott, Gordon
Decatur, AL
26 Jun 05
International Paper Co
Courtland, AL
(71 - 72) A/159 ASHB PhuBai RVN
(72) 517 Trans Co Ft Bragg NC
(82 - 86) 440th Ord Bn AL ARNG Vincent AL
(86 - 93) Co F 131 Avn AL ARNG Birmingham AL CH54-B/CH47-D)
Abdiroglu, Adaykan
Jonesboro, GA
26 Feb 00
Loomis, Fargo & Co
Atlanta, GA
(76 - 80) 3rd Bn 4th ADA Ft Bragg NC
(80 - 83) 180th Avn Schwaebisch Hall Ger
(83 - 85) 243rd Avn Ft Lewis WA
(85 - 87) 1st Staff & Fac Ft Eustis VA
(87 - 90) 180th Avn/A-159th Avn Ger
(90 - 93) 214th Avn Ft Lewis WA
(93 - 96) E Co 502d Avn Aviano Italy
Abramowitz, Ronald
Hazlet, NJ
14 Mar 16

(Dec 67 - ) CE/FE Co C 228 Avn Bn 1st Cav Div AnKhe & LZ English
I was a CE on 068 until we moved to Camp Evans during 68 TET Offensive.
I flew in Operation Pegasus and into the ASHAU Valley. My FE was SP5 Terry McCaslin and I became FE upon his DEROS. I flew with Mr Bramford, Emerson, Crawbuck, MAJ Mathews, LT Black and others. I Arrived in RVN with Greg Guay, Tom McCully, John Oddy, Rick Page, Ron Kelly.
Acevedo, Manuel
Ft Hood, TX
6 May 05
Mar 05
B Co 2-4 Avn
Ft Hood, TX

Acosta, Cesar
Giebelstadt, Ger
27 Oct 01
Jun 00
F Co 159th Avn Regt
Giebelstadt, Ger

Acree, Anthony
Springfield, MO
26 Nov 99

(Jul 70 - Jan 71) CE 213th BlackCats
Adair, Peyton
Wichita, KS
8 Oct 06
Safaric Tool Co
Valley Center, KS
8/101st Avn Ft Campbell KY
222 Avn Bn Ft Kobe Panama
Adams, Christopher
Camp Humphreys, ROK
27 Jul 03
Nov 02
B 2/52
Camp Humphreys, ROK
I spent 3 1/2 Ft Campbell in the Infantry until I switched MOS's. I went to Afganistain with the 2/187 Rakkasans. I reenlisted for 67U in May 2001.
Tacoma, WA
9 Feb 08

(May 70 - Apr 71) 213th ASHC BlackCats PhuLoi RVN
(Jun 71 - Jul 74) D Co 227th Avn Bn Ft Hood TX
(Aug 74 - Aug 75) 213th ASHC BlackCats Camp Humphreys ROK
(Sep 75 - Jan 77) 528th Trans Co (GS) Ft Hood TX
(Feb 77 - Mar 78) 213th ASHC BlackCats Camp Humphreys ROK
(May 78 - Dec 80) D Co 34th Spt Bn WagonMasters Ft Hood TX
(Jan 81 - Jun 83) 242nd Avn Co SugarBears Ft Wainwright AK
(Jul 83 - Dec 86) US Army Recruiting Longview WA/Portland OR
(Jan 87 - Jan 88) 213th ASHC BlackCats Camp Humphreys ROK
(Feb 88 - Oct 89) F Co 1/14th Avn Bn Ft Rucker AL
(Oct 89) - Retired
Adams, Doug
Giebelstadt, Ger
1 Feb 00
Updated 21 Oct 02
Jul 02
F/159th Avn Regt
Giebelstadt, Ger
(Oct 86 - Nov 89) 96B (enlisted) 1-1st Avn Ft Riley KS
(Dec 89 - Feb 91) WOBC/IERW/AQC Ft Rucker AL
(Mar 91 - Jan 95) PC/MTP Hookers Ft Sill OK
(Feb 95 - Feb 96) PC/MTP BlackCats ROK
(Mar 96 - Sep 98) PC/MTP Hillclimbers Ft Lewis WA
(Oct 98 - Oct 99) QC/MTP Innkeepers ROK
(Nov 99 - Jun 02) QC/PC-MP Flippers Ft Bragg NC
Web Page
Adams, Edward
Huntsville, AL
7 Jun 00
(Nov 94)
This posted in memory of My Dad
John C Adams
Maj (Ret) USA
(66 - 67) B Co 228th
(67 - 71) Dept of Tactics Ft Rucker AL
Adams, Lynn
Byhalia, MS
16 Jul 05
Jan 69
FE 19114
PhoucVihn, RVN
I was drafted and got lucky to serve with the 228th.
Adams, Mike
Horton, AL
10 May 00

(81 - 82) 271st Avn Co ROK
(82 - 84) A Co 5th Trans Bn Ft Campbell KY
(84 - 87) 147th Avn Co NASBP HI
(87 - 89) Maint Div Felker AAF Ft Eustis VA
(89 - 93) C Co 3/160th SOAR HAAF GA
(93 - 96) B Co 214th Avn Regt NASBP HI
(96 - 98) B Co 7-101st Avn Ft Campbell KY
(98) - Retired and life is good
Adams, Phil
Indian Mound, TN
19 Mar 00
B Co 2-160th SOAR (A)
Ft Campbell KY
Thanks for a neat web site to stay in touch with old friends.
Adams, Thomas
Mesa, AZ
19 Oct 99
A & P on aerobatic aircraft
1st Cav D/34th Spt Ft Hood TX
213th ASH 196th Ft Bragg NC
A/159th 507th Trans Ft Campbell KY
E/158th (205th) Finthen Ger
Just cruisin' through to say to all the fellow Hookers. It's a large family to stay in contact with.
Adams, Tony
Vonore, TN
14 Nar 16
Retired from Federal Service
(75 - 98) Active Duty Service
Aviation Assignments
(80 - 83) Plt Ldr & Ops Officer B/159th BN S4 & HHC Cdr HHC/159th
(83 - 84) Ops Officer 271st ROK
(86 - 87) Bde S1 7th ID Avn Bde
(87 - 88) S3 207th Atk Bn (88 - 89) Cdr C/159th
(90 - 91) S4 101st Avn Bde
(91 - 92) XO 2/101 Atk Bn
(97 - 98) 1st US Corps Aviation Officer
Adkins, Albert "Curley"
Clarksville, TN
18 Nov 99
C Co 7/101
Ft Campbell KY
(94 - 97) 8th Bn Ft Campbell KY
(97 - 98) ROK
(98 - 00) Ft Campbell KY
Adsit, Eric
Camp Humphreys, ROK
12 Jan 03
May 02
C Co 52nd Avn
Camp Humphreys, ROK

Agee, Bob
Mukilteo, WA
1 Mar 00
Co A 5/159th Avn Regt
Ft Lewis WA
(Jan - Dec 70) 147th Hillclimbers
(Jan 70 - Oct 72) Cargo Branch Ft Rucker AL
Aguila, Octaviano
Ft Campbell, KY
29 Aug 02
Jan 01
C Co 7-101st
Ft Campbell, KY
B Co 2/52 Avn Regt ROK
Akers, Greg
Camp Humphreys, ROK
27 Oct 01
Jul 00
B Co 2/52 Avn
Camp Humphreys, ROK

Albert, Jim
Richmond, KY
26 Sep 04
Feb 99
Field Eng
L-3 Communications
Intergrated Systems
Lexington, KY
(90 - 93) B Co 7/101
(93 - 95) E Co Italy
(95 - 96) Ft Carson CO
(96 - 99) 3rd Bn 160th
Albertson, Richard (Alby)
Fairview Park, OH
10 Sep 00
Lakewood OH
Ft Campbell KY
Camp Humphreys ROK
Ft Lewis WA
Albritton, Billy
Jacksonville, FL
29 Mar 09
1/111 Avn
Jacksonville, FL

Stedman, NC
30 Nov 99

(Jan 88 - Mar 92) QC C Co 228th Avn (SugarBears) Ft Wainwright AK
Spent most of my time between 101st Avn and 196th Avn at Ft Bragg
Alexander, Alan
Madison, AL
3 Aug 02
NDT Analyst
Westar Corp
Huntsville, AL
(92 - 94) C Co 7-101st Avn Outlaws
Alexander, Erik
St Inigoes, MD
21 Oct 05
Jul 03
Maint Controller
H-1 Upgrades Program
Pax River, MD
(96 - 00) A Co 7-101 Avn Regt Ft Campbell KY
(00 - 01) B Co 2-52 Avn Regt Camp Humphreys ROK
(01 - 03) C Co 7-101 Avn Regt Ft Campbell KY
I hope everyone is doing well. I had a great time in the Army and I'm having a greater time out of the Army. I now work for DynCorp as a Maintenance Controller for the H-1 Upgrades Program. We are upgrading Marine helicopters; UH-1y Huey and AH-1Z Cobras. They are due mass production in 2006. If ya know me, drop me a line. Take it easy. P.S I really miss working on Chinooks.
Alexander, Ronald
Williamsburg, VA
19 Mar 00
Updated 30 Jun 07
Jan 07
Branch Chief
Cargo Helicopter Div
Ft Eustis, VA
A Co 7-101 Avn Regt Predators
A Co 2-501st BlackCats
K Co 159th HAAF
A Co 8-101 Avn Regt Ft Campbell KY
Team Alpha 2/17 Cav Camp Bondsteel Kosovo
HHC 8-101 Avn Regt Ft Campbell KY
C Co 7/101st Avn Regt Ft Campbell KY
B Co 7-159th Avn AVIM
Alen, Donald
Savannah, GA
14 Mar 04
Mar 04
1st Staff & Faculty
Ft Eustis, VA

Alford Glenn
Lawrenceburg, KY
14 Mar 16

(Jun 70 - Jul 71) 213th ASHC (Blackcats)
Alick, Michael
Flushing, MI
19 May 02
Aircraft Interior Designer
Waterford, MI
(87 - 92) B Co 7/101 Avn Co Ft Campbell KY
I am looking for anyone that I served with during the above period. I was a prop & rotor repairman. I served in Desert Storm with B Co. Just want to get in touch with some old friends. If Steve Tillman is out there, I would like to contact him.
Allen, Everett
Chandler, AZ
7 May 07
Aug 72 - Jun 06
Assistant Fire Chief
USAF Civil Service Employee
Retired from Luke AFB, AZ
(Sep 70) BCT at Ft Lewis WA
(Nov 70) 67N AIT at Ft Rucker AL
(May 71) Arrived CamRahn Bay RVN
(Jun 71 - Feb 72) Maint B/159 PhuBai RVN
(Jun 71) Assigned as CE 68-16012
(Jan 72) Flew with 012 to turn in Varsity aircraft at (I think) PhuLoi RVN
(Jan 72) Assign to 80th Group to prepare weapons/vehicles for stand down
(Feb 72) DEROS Freedom Hill Da Nang AB RVN
(Feb 72) Ft Lewis WA
(Mar 72) Early Out ETS at Ft Huachuca AZ
My very best days were flying with Varsity and being mentored by the best helicopter mechanics in the world. My deepest gratitude to all of you that helped me so very much all those years ago. Press On!
Allen, James
Auburn, WA
6 Oct 99
Updated: 29 Mar 09

(Oct 68 - Oct 69) 147th Hillclimbers Vung Tau RVN
(81 - 95) A Co 6/148th Hookers Paine Field WA
Allen, Larry
Bellingham, WA
27 Jun 01

(70) 19th Avn Co ROK
(71) 350th Avn Co Hanau Ger
(72 - 93) USAR Paine Field WA
Allen, Mike
Jasper, GA
25 Nov 04
Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary
Charlotte, NC
(Aug 68 - Aug 69) 205th ASH Co PhuLoi RVN
Discharged in 72, continued to fly helicopters until 88. Worked CA Dept of Corrections until 02. Now attending Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in Charlotte NC
Allen, Riley
Vernal, UT
21 Oct 02
Apr 01
Oilfields in UT/CO/WY
(90 - 92) Italy
(92 - 97) Ft Bragg NC
(97 - 98) Korea
(98 - 01) Ft Bragg NC
Miss the good people and the flying, not the Dog & Pony parades and PAR's
Allen, Robert
Evansville, IN
4 Jul 03
Engineer Tech
Evansville, IN
CE B Co 2nd/159th
(89 - 92) Hunter AAF GA
(90 - 91) Desert Storm
Allen, Robert T
Fort Worth, TX
10 Mar 01

(69 - 71) 213th Maint/Shop Plt as an electrician, prop & rotor engine shop Flight Plt. Crewed 546 & 551
Allen, William E (BA)
5 Jan 00
602nd Avn Spt Bn
Camp Stanley ROK
(81 - 82) Innkeeper 271st ROK
(82 - 85) A Co 159th/TF160 Ft Campbell KY
(85 - 90) E Co 160th SOAG Ft Campbell KY
(91 - 93) D Co 2/160th SOAR Ft Campbell KY
(94 - 97) A Co 2/160th SOAR Ft Campbell KY
(97 - 98) HSC 4/160th SOAR Ft Campbell KY
I want to say thanks to all I have served with over the last 24 years. NSDQ BA
Allen-Limon, Iker
Lampasas, TX
7 Sep 08
May 02
B Co 2-4 GSAB
Ft Hood, TX
A Co 7/101
C Co 7/101
Moved to TX with the company and formed B Co 2-4 4ID
Allies, Terrill
Arnold, MO
2 Feb 03
Natl Imagery & Mapping Agcy
St Louis, MO
(83 - 84) 243rd Ft Lewis WA
(84 - 85) 213th The Hump ROK
(85 - 88) 180th Schwabisch Hall Ger
(88 - 89) A-8/101 Ft Campbell KY
I now work in the production of FLIP for all you HOOKERS still out there beating the air into submission.
Allison, Tim
Clarksville, TN
27 Oct 01
Oct 01
C Co 7/101
Ft Campbell, KY
(84 - 89) A Co 159th/TF 160 -- E 160th
(89 - 92) E Co 502nd
(92 - 98) D Co 2/160th
(98 - 01) F Co 159th
(01 - ??) C Co 7/101st
Almaguer, Ricky
Haltom City, TX
16 Jul 05
G Co 149 Avn
Grand Prairie, TX
(88 - 92) 158th Avn
(92 - Pres) 149 Avn
Almeida, Chris
Buffalo, NY
5 Nov 03

(May 66 - Jan 67) 213th ASHC Ft Benning GA
(Jan 67 - Oct 67) 213th ASHC BlackCats PhuLoi RVN (Oct 67 - Jan 68) 205th ASHC GeronimosPhuLoi RVN
Alo, Joseph
Moreno Valley, CA
2 Jun 01
Updated 27 Jul 03
High School JROTC Instructor
Arroyo Valley High School
San Bernardino, CA
Cargo Branch
45th Trans
B Co 3/160th SOAR
B Co 214th Avn Regt
Altenbernt, Frederick
Ypsilanti, MI
26 Jan 03

(Jun 68 - Dec 68) B Co 159th CE 134
(Dec 68 - Jun 70) C Co 159th CE 449/513 FE 511
Altman, Rick
Ridgeland, SC
9 Sep 07
Tech Ops Systems Specialist
Gulfstream Aerospace
Savannah, GA
CE/FE 1/228th Avn Ft Kobbe Pamama
How the years fly by! Gent's, I made it back to Panama in 95 and stayed there until 99 with Raytheon. It wasn't the same without ya'all but I gotta tell you, It was still WILD! Im back in SC now working at Gulfstream Aerospace in Tech-Ops. Have 2 boys 17 and 6 and got divorced in 2001. I know of a few other Hookers who live around here but I won't say names, You know the deal-Protect the innocent! Love to hear from you guys.
Alvarado, Tony
Lufkin, TX
28 Dec 99
Updated 12 Nov 06
Dec 04
HEMS Pilot
PHI Air Medical
Lufkin, TX
(67 - 68) 243rd ASHC FreightTrains
Dong Ba thin, RVN
'Hooks Forever!
Alvarez, Daniel
Wheeler AAF, HI
7 Jul 02
Updated 15 Apr 06
C Co 193d Avn (Heavy Lift) HIARNG
Wheeler AAF, HI
Looking for my buddies from AIT at Ft Eustis VA. Who would think flying in the magic school bus is the best job in the world. Drop me a line or two. ALOHA HowzIt my fellow Ohio'ans?
Ames, Charles
Grand Isle, ME
3 Aug 02
Updated 29 Jan 06

(70 - 71) Doorgunner242nd ASH Co Phu Loi RVN
I came from 5th Inf Div Dec 70
(Jun 71 - Feb 72) Flt Medic HHC 11th CAB Phu Loi RVN
Ammons, Mark
Dothan, AL
23 Mar 00
Updated 26 Sep 04
Apr 04
A Co 1-223rd MTPC
Ft Rucker, AL
Nurenburg Ger
Ft Bragg NC
Ft Rucker AL
Ammons/Faulkner, Melissa
Savannah, GA
2 Apr 00
B Co 159th Avn
Savannah GA
A Co 2/501st Avn ROK
Amos, David
27 Nov 10

(81 - 83) CH47C Mech/CE 196 Avn Flippers Ft Bragg NC
Spent 9 months in Honduras in 'Tent City' before hooches were built. I have many fond memories of flying on Chinooks and of other crew members as well.
Amsdill, Steve
Harrisburg, PA
10 Oct 99
Eastern ARNG Avn Tng Site
Annville PA
(83 - 86) Enlisted
(88 - 92) Geronimos
(92 - 95) Windjammers
(95 - 96) Nomads
Anastasoff, Steve
La Pine, OR
10 May 03
Updated 25 Nov 07

(Apr 70 - Aug 71) Door Gunner/CE B/159th Avn 101st AB Phu Bai RVN
Remember Guns-a-Go-Go & Danny Dugan, not Duggan? Or was it the other way around? It's been awhile. Guns came back home to Texas. I was living in Porterville CA when he paid me a visit in the summer of 72. He said drug dealers were after him and, "could I hang out with you awhile?" Sure I said and he got himself a job driving the only cab in town. He slept in the dispatch office on a cot with a pistol under his pillow. Four or five months later they found him shot through the head. I guess he got tired of waiting. Anybody remember Sheba and her daughter, or stepenwolf? Remember when the MP's threatened to shoot all the loose dogs on the compound? A few of us decided to build a pen from some chain link somebody scrounged up. They kept us company on guard duty and patrolled the perimiter between bunkers under the glow of that incredible asian moon. Remember Lam Son 719 and Laos. Over one hundred choppers were lost and six hundred plus were damaged in a little over six weeks. It's estimated that over 500,000 arty rounds were lobbed into that backwater between early Feb and late Mar 71. I miss the poker games. Those old crows could play a mean game of hold'em. After three marriages and 25 jobs in 30 years I've found a woman who will have me. We have twin boys 21 months old and three grown children between us. Right now life is pretty good. I get to play a lot of golf, my daughter is graduating Harvard this year and I just got my first hunting/fishing license from the state of Oregon and it didn't cost me a dime. How about you? Woo We Chum Aka Steve Anastasoff
Anderson, Carl
Hazen, AR
16 Dec 04
Jan 98
Account Mgr
Ludwig Dist
Stuttgart, AR
(87 - 88) 214th Avn Regt Ft Lewis WA
(88 - 89) 213th Avn BlackCats Camp Humphreys ROK
(90 - 91) D Co 2/160th SOAR DarkHorse Ft Campbell KY
(93 - 01) HHC 39th Spt Bn Hazen AR (No hooks became a 92B)
Anderson, Don
Portland, OR
14 Mar 04

(83 - 86) 180th Big windy
Anderson, Don
24 Apr 04

I've got a lot of crazy memories from the 180th. Palovic driving a deuce and a half with me and trading spaces (driver and passenger) on the move approaching a curve. Anything from fasching. The pathfinders chasing a wild pig through tent city at Graf. Vellburg castle on July 4th. The list goes on, as you all well know. One of the strangest was from the day I arrived. I hadn't even been to my room yet, just sitting with my bags on the steps in the CQ area. A guy (the first Don Anderson) came up to me and said, "You're Don Anderson, right?" I said yeah. He said something like, "So am I. Welcome to Big Windy." 3000 miles from home- what are the odds? But you all know, that's how the 180th was.
Anderson, Ian
Lexington, KY
22 Jun 04
Jun 00
G 149 Avn
Hal Muldrow AASF

Anderson, James D (Dave)
Parker, TX
12 Mar 16

(64) WORWAC 64-8
(65) A/229 Avn Bn 11th Air Assault Div Ft Benning GA
(65 - 66) A/229 Avn Bn 1st Cav Div RVN
(66 - 68) B/82 Avn Bn 82nd Abn Div Ft Bragg NC
(68 - 69) C/101 Avn Bn 101st Abn Div RVN
(69 - 70) GS Maint Ft Bragg NC
(70 - 71) GS Maint Lakehurst NAS NJ
(71 - 73) University of Nebraska Omaha Omaha NE
(74 - 77) 242 ASHC Ft Wainwright AK
(77 - 80) GS Maint Ft Hood TX
(1980) Retired
(80 - 06) Equipment Engineering Mgr Texas Instruments Inc Dallas TX
(2006) Retired again
Anderson, Jesse
Camp Humphreys, ROK
25 Apr 04
Feb 04
C Co 52nd Avn Regt
Camp Humpreys, ROK

Ozark, AL
11 Mar 00
Jan 94
Manager Flight Ops
US Army Avn Tech Test Ctr (DynCorp)
Ft Rucker AL
(Jan 71 - Jan 72) A/159th RVN
(Jan 72 - Feb 75) 4th Trans Co/180th Avn Co Ger
(Feb 75 - Jul 75) B/158th Avn Ft Campbell KY
(Jul 75 - Apr 78) A/159th Avn Ft Campbell KY (CH-47 SP)
(May 78 - May 79) 271st Avn Co ROK (CH-47 SP)
(May 79 - May 84) USAAVNDTA Ft Rucker AL (CH-47 SP, Engineering Test Pilot YCH-47D)
(May 85 - May 85) 271st Avn Co ROK (CH-47 SP)
(May 85 - Feb 88) DES Ft Rucker AL (CH-47 SP/IE, U-21 SP/IE)
(Feb 88 - Feb 89) USAATC (Flight Check) Ft Rucker AL (C-12 SP/IE, U-21 SP/IE)
(Feb 89 - Jun 92) USARJ/9th Corp Camp Zama Japan (C-12 SP/IE UH-1IE)
(Jun 92 - Jan 94) OSA Cmd Ft Rucker AL (C-12 SP/IE)
Anderson, William
Cocoa, FL
5 May 02

(Dec 65 - Dec 66) Artillery Hill 6/14th Pleiku RVN
Looking for others who were in the 6/14th and assigned to Artillery Hill 5th Cav
Andrews, Danny
Enterprise, AL
28 Dec 00
Updated: 29 Mar 09
Feb 08
HHC 1-228th Avn Regt
Soto Cano Air Base, Honduras
(98 - 02) G Co 149th Avn Lexington OK
(02 - 04) A Co 7-101st Avn Ft Campbell KY
Andrews, James
Wasila, AK
16 Oct 02

(76 - 77) B Co AIT Ft Eustis VA
(77 - 82) 180th Avn Co(ASH) BigWindy Dollen Bks Schwaebisch Hall Ger
(82 - 84) B Co 5th Trans Bn Ft Campbell KY
(84 - 85) 213th Avn Co BlackCats Camp Humphreys ROK
(85 - 87) 178th Avn Regt Ft Sill OK
(87 - 92) D Co 502nd Avn Regt Cyclones Coleman Bks Mannheim Ger
(92 - 96) B Co 4/123rd Avn Regt SugarBears Ft Wainwright AK
Andrews, Tom
New Braunfels, TX
5 Mar 00
Updated 11 Feb 05

(68 - 69) Formed C/159th ASHB 101st Playtex & took to RVN Dec 68
(1969) A/159th ASHB Pachyderms RVN
(1969) 243rd FreightTrains RVN
(70 - 71) 154th Ft Sill OK
After all these years, I still miss the 'Hook!
Andricos, Thomas
Edmonds, WA
26 Jan 03
Updated 20 Mar 08
Quality Assurance Manager
The Boeing Company
B Co 2nd/159th Avn Regt HAAF GA
A Co 2nd/501st Avn Regt Camp Humphreys ROK
Best Job I ever Held!....Flight Engineer for the mighty Chinook!
Anest, Peri
1 Nov 99
HHC 18th Avn Bde (Abn)
Ft Bragg NC
(85 - 89) B/159 B/7-101 Ft Campbell KY Varsity
(89 - 91) HHC 2/501 HHC 17th Avn Bde Innkeepers
(91 - 93) HHC 2/159th Ft Bragg NC Flipper Ops
(97 - 99) C/159 Flipper 6
Best job I ever had, with the best Hookers in the free world
(99 - Pres) 18th Avn Brigade Staff Puke
Flippers Rule
Apel, Bryon
Hunter AAF, GA
5 Jan 00
B Co 159 Avn
HAAF Savannah GA
(96 - 97) ROK
Apperson, Kenneth
Harrisburg, PA
3 Jul 09
Jun 07
Eastern Army Aviation Training Site (EAATS)
Annville, PA
B Co 1/126th Avn GSAB which is formerly Co G 140th Avn Regt Stockton, CA. I joined in Sep 94. I was getting divorced and thought that it was a damn good idea. I haven't looked back once, as a matter of fact, I wish I would've started right out of high school. Oh well! I got on flight status in Apr of 99. Went to the Panama in 96, SLIC in 00, Iraq in 2003, Jamaica in 06, FEIC in 08 and have been fightin forest fires since I got on flight status. I work at EAATS and enjoy every minute. Appy
Appleton, James
Athens, AL
24 Apr 05
Jun 87
Logistics Mgt Spec
Redstone Arsenal, AL
(67 - 68) 1st Sqd 4th Cav RVN
(1969) Chinook School Ft Eustis VA
(69 - 71) T-School CH-47 Instructor Ft Eustis VA
(71 - 72) A Co 159th ASH Co RVN
(1972) Maint Supv B Co 5th Trans Co RVN
(72 - 73) FE Dept of Grad Flt Tng Ft Rucker AL
(1973) Reclassified to CH-54 Skycrane
(73 - 74) CH-54 FE 271st Avn Co Ft Sill OK
(74 - 77) CH-54/47 FE 295th ASH Finthen AAF Ger
Was in the 295th when the CH-54's were replaced by CH-47's
(77 - 81) AVSCOM New Equip Tng
(81 - 82) Svc Plt Sgt 213th ASH Co ROK
(82 - 86) AVSCOM New Equip Tng
(1986) Retired
(87 - 98) Blackhawk Equip Specialist USAAVSCOM
(98 - Pres) USAAMCOM
Arbanas, Kevin
Spokane, WA
30 Sep 05
Jul 05
CGSC Faculty
Ft Leavenworth, KS
(87 - 90) PL/Ops B-214th Avn Regt HillClimbers NAS Barbers Point HI
(90 - 91) PL A/2-158th Avn Regt Ft Hood, TX
(92 - 93) XO/Ops C/7-101st Avn Regt Outlaws Ft Campbell KY
(93 - 95) Cdr HHC/7-101 Avn Regt Hookers Ft Campbell KY
(95 - 97) Cdr/Ops C/2-158th Avn Regt USAR Spartans Olathe KS
Arbelaez, Marco
13 Jan 00
1st S & F
Ft Eustis VA
2nd Inf Div Camp Casey ROK
7th Special Forces Group Ft Bragg NC
D Co 502nd Avn Mannheim Ger
F Co 1/14th Avn Ft Rucker AL
US ARMY Recruiting Cmd (Doing Time)
Ft Eustis VA
Arbor, Brian
Letts, IA
10 Mar 02
Det 1 Co F
Mount Joy Airport, IA
Just finished BCT/AIT. Currently part of the Iowa National Guard, and loving every minute!
Archer, Charles
Sacramento, CA
20 Dec 03
Fire Captain
Sacramento, CA
(Jul 67 - Jul 68) Gunner/CE/FE A Co 228th ASHB 1st Cav AnKue/Red Beach/LZ Sharon RVN
Archer, Elvin

Roseburg, OR
26 Aug 07
I'm the widow with questions
Hi! I am the wife of Elvin W Archer (deceased as of April 1991). I mailed a submission request for his possible entrance into the Army Aviation Hall of Fame in 2004. He was being recalled from retirement to serve in Desert Storm at the time of his Heart attack. Where can I locate information regarding the submission. Also I have several old pictures of his aviation career, including buddies in Korea 1950-1951. I have been an Army dependent(that's Army aviation since 1949) and wonder from time to time--whatever happened to our old friends. Thanks for having a site for all of us to look at, our young relatives find it hard to believe he was a young man once, and participated in four wars. (almost with Deserrt Storm). Eleanor J. Archer
Arde, Gilbert
Oxnard, CA
2 Apr 00
Updated 22 Feb 04

(May 85 - Nov 88) CE 147th Avn Co - Hillclimbers Barbers Point HI
Crewed 68-16015 and had the time of my life with my butt kicked by Terry. Tried to not get my butt kicked by Clarence. Stayed out of the way of 1SG Murphy. Learned about Maintenance from Karl. Learned about soldiering from my Uncles and CSM (Wescom) Freitas & CSM (124th Trans) Malate. Learned about Ger from Mike Perry. Listened to the lesson of life that Mr Arkwright and Volero talked about on the Big Island. Tried to understand the wisdom of Mr Daly, and the Vietnam vet pilots. And will never forget Ken Leroy the day he picked us up in a deuce and a half at Group. You soldiers made me who I am today. Thanks Hillclimbers!
Arend, Leland
Rockwood, MI
12 Jun 05
Sep 89
A & P Mechanic
Northwest Airlines
Detroit, MI
(Jul 65 - Sep 65) C 228 ASHB (202nd Avn Co)
(Sep 65 - Aug 70) A 228 ASHB (132 Avn Co) Wolverines
(Feb 80) Retired
Argo, David
Charlotte, MI
20 Sep 05
Updated 7 Sep 08
Jul 05
AGR/Admin NCO/UH-60 CE
B Co 1-147th Avn
Grand Ledge, MI
(Oct 91 - Oct 92) OH-58 Mech A Co 3-501 AVIM FlyingTigers Camp Humphreys ROK
(Oct 92 - Jun 95) OH-58 Mech C Co 1-1 Attack GunSlingers Ft Riley KS
(Jun 95 - Aug 95) CH-47 Transition (FINALLY!)
(Nov 95 - Nov 98) B Co 4-123rd Avn SugarBears Ft Wainwright AK
(I was a CE/FE on ACFT 90-00182 with Todd Albertsen)
I had a break in service from Nov 98 until Jan 00
(Jan 00 - Oct 00) D Co 2-137th Avn Ohio NG Columbus OH
Unfortunatly, I had to get a UH-60 transition to keep flying.
(Oct 00 - Sep 02) UH-60 CE A Co 2-137th Avn OHARNG
(Sep 02 - Jul 03) UH-6- CE B Co 3-238th CSAB Michigan NG
(Jul 02 - Jul 05) Det 1 G Co 185th Heavy Lift Motor City Hookers Selfridge ANGB MI
I was back where I belong flying HOOKS.
(Jan 04 - Mar 05) deployed with this unit and our parent unit from Mississippi
Although I have only spent about 5 years total as a Hooker, it is by far the best aircraft I have had the pleasure of working on and flying in, and the Chinook community is head and shoulders above the rest. Once a HOOKER always a HOOKER! I would love to hear from some of my old friends.
Argumaniz, Charles
Ft Hood, TX
16 Dec 04
Updated 13 May 06
Nov 04
2-227th Avn 1st Cav
Ft Hood, TX
(93 - 97) 3-160th Avn Savannah GA
(98 - 99) 2-52 Avn BlackCats Camp Humphreys ROK
(99 - 01) Presidio of Monterey DLIFLC
(01 - 03) Recruiting Command
(03 - 04) Flight School Ft Rucker AL
(Aug 04 - Nov 04) C Co 7-101 Unit reflagged
(May 06) Still at Ft Hood. Chinooks have returned to the Cav and have made a strong showing. Recently returned from earthquake relief in Pakistan the crews here in TX are continuing to show their Blackhawk counterparts why the CH-47 is the workhorse of Army Aviation.
Arkwright, Dennis
Euless, TX
21 Dec 99
Updated 3 Aug 02
Network Engineer
Dallas/Ft Worth Intl Airport
(78 - 81) UH1V Pilot 237th Med Det (MEDEVAC) Ft Ord CA
(82 - 83) 47C Pilot 213th Avn Co BlackCats Camp Humphreys ROK
(83 - 89) 47C Pilot B/214th Avn WagonMasters Barbers Pt HI
(89 - 92) 47D Pilot B/2-158 Avn Ft Hood TX
Armitage, Eric
Clarksville, TN
25 Feb 01
Updated 29 Dec 03
A Co 7/101 Avn
Ft Campbell KY

Armstrong, Daniel
Olney, IL
19 Feb 01
Updated 29 Apr 06
Surgical RN
(97 - 99) B Co Savannah GA
(99 - 02) F Co Ger
(02 - ) I Co 4/159 Avn Regt Ft Bragg NC
Arnett, Kyle
Kodiak, AK
1 Feb 00
Updated 4 Nov 03
Jun 03
Kodiak, AK
(90 - 91) IERW Mother Rucker
(91 - 92) BlackCats!!!!
(92 - 95) A 7/101st Predators
(95 - 97) E-502nd Centurions (Aviano IT)
(97 - 99) 7th Bn 101st Ft Campbell, KY
(99 - 03) - HH-65A Dauphin Pilot with the US Coast Guard (Ensign), Air Station Houston, "The Best Li'l Air Station in Texas"
I am a LT (O-3E) stationed with ALPAT, spending 60 days at a time flying off the back of CG cutters in the Bering Sea doing fisheries patrols & Search & Rescue. Flying the HH-65B Dolphin (plastic fantastic). Miss the power of the beast but love the avionics/nicities in the 65.
Web Page
Arnold, Chuck
San Diego, CA
3 Aug 02
Act Mech
Naval Air Depot
North Island
MCAS Miramar, CA
(Jul 81 - Jan 84) Mech/CE 295th Avn Co Coleman Bks Mannheim Ger
Web Page
Also had the pleasure of working with Chuck Straw, SFC (Ret) who served in a number of Chinook units during his 20 years in the Army, and with CC Brown, who served in Vietnam with the "Guns-a-Go-Go". Unfortunately, CC Brown isn't with us anymore, but I'm pretty sure Chuck Straw is, considering how hard it would be to kill that guy... ;)
Arnold, Wayne
Arlington, TX
2 Feb 03
Updated 24 Apr 04
Delta Airlines
DFW Airport, TX
(88 - 92) A Co 5/159th Avn BigWindy (Full Up) Ger
Arnulfo, Astorga
28 Mar 02
Updated 4 Jun 02
May 02
B Co 7/159th Avn Regt
Giebelstadt, Ger
(Jul 01 - Oct 01) Ft Jackson SC
(Oct 01 - Mar 02) Ft Eustis VA
(Mar 02 - Apr 02) Ft Benning GA
Arozarena, Joseph
Ypsilanti, MI
22 Feb 08

(82 - 84) 63B 243rd Avn Co Ft Lewis WA
My first and only permanent duty assignment was with the 243rd. I was a truck mechanic attached to the Chinook company. Although I was a truck mechanic I always associate my time in the Army with the Chinooks. I only flew in a Chinook one time - and got quite ill. These days it's impossible for me to see a Chinook and not think back to my days in the service. After I left the Army I used my college fund to get a degree from the University of Cincinnati. Since then I've spent my working career in the information systems field. With just a 2 year stint I was a short-timer pretty much the day I walked in the door. But please be assured that although my time in the Army was short it forever changed me as a man (for the better) and I will always consider myself a soldier. I have a great deal of pride for my time in the service and a lot of memories of my time with the 243rd.
Arroyo, Tony
Waterford, MI
2 Feb 03
Sep 96
Die Maker
Pontiac, MI
(Sep 92 - Sep 94) B Co 7/159 Avn Gieblestadt Ger
(Dec 92 - Jun 93) 6 Months in Somalia operation Restore Hope
(Sep 94 - Sep 95) A Co 7/158 Avn Ft Carson CO
Mill Creek, PA
5 Mar 00
Flight Crew Instructor
Boeing 777
FlightSafety Boeing

Newport News, VA
2 Apr 00
Updated 3 Jul 09
Ft Bragg NC
242nd ASH SugarBears
B Co 5th Trans Ft Campbell KY
Cargo Helicopter Div Ft Eustis VA
E Co 502 Avn Regt Aviano Italy
Ashcraft, Ronnie
Anderson, sC
14 Oct 00
Updated 16 Oct 04
Nov 03
Aeromedical Pilot
SkyCare LLC
Anderson, SC
(85 - 89) 2/4 Hunter AAF GA
(90 - 91) 4/501st Camp Page ROK
(91 - 93) 1/24th AHB Hunter AAF GA
(93 - 96) A Co 159th Avn Giebelstadt Ger
(96 - 99) B Co 214th Avn Wheeler AAF HI
(99 - 03) C Co 159th Avn Ft Bragg NC
Askew, Keith
Edenton, NC
30 Apr 01
Updated 4 Jul 08

(Jan 86 - Feb 87) 45th Trans Camp Humphreys ROK
(Mar 87 - Apr 88) B Co 159th Ft Campbell KY
(Apr 5 88) The Playmate Club ETS Party!!!
ETS'd April 6 1988 and went back to North Carolina
Asper, Timothy
Olympia, WA
31 Aug 01
WG-10 Acft Mech
Avn Spt Facility
Ft Lewis, WA
(Jun 75) Co C 1st Bn Ft Eustis VA
(Nov 75 - 79) FE 243rd Avn Co Ft Lewis WA
(Apr 79 - 80) FE 271st Avn Co ROK
(May 80 - 84) FE 243rd Avn Co Ft Lewis WA
(Jul 84) FE 92nd Trans CO (MDM HEL) Paine Field Everett WA
(Jun 85) Avn Spt Fac
25 Full Time Civilians Working On Chinooks & Hueys. The Hueys Are Gone Now Hooks Only.
(Jul 96) Facility Moved To Ft Lewis WA
Hi to all you old Hookers that I have worked with & served with throughout the years. Drop an Email in my box! If we couldn't fix'em they weren't broke.
Atkins, Mark
Burlington, KY
11 Mar 00
Updated 4 Dec 08
Dec 00
C-130 FEI
165th Airlift Squadron
Louisville KY
(91 - 92) B Co 2/501st Avn
(93 - 97) Chinook FE 2/B-214th Avn
(97 - 00) C-23 FE Kentucky Army Guard
(00 - Pres) C-130 FE Kentucky Air Guard
(08 - Pres) UAV Pilot - Insitu (Scan Eagle)
I have more flight time in C-130's now than I had in Chinooks. The Herk is a great airplane but I will always have a soft spot in my heart for the CH-47D... you never forget your roots. Can't wait to check out an F model someday. I miss all the guys I flew with, flight platoon humor and doing sling loads.
Atkins, Patrick
Fayetteville, TN
31 Aug 03
Updated 11 Oct 03
Aug 03
Senior Analyst (47e)
Cobro Corp
Huntsville, AL
(May 96) Entered 160th SOAR "Green Platoon"
Once I graduated, I was placed in D Co 2/160th "Workhorse"
(Apr 97) B Co 2/160th Soar BadBoyz
CE MH-47E for 2 yrs and became a FE in 99. ETS from the Army 6 Sep 01 as a FMQ/Trainer FE. Now working in Huntsville AL as a Sr Analyst with Cobro, working on the Spec Ops Avn Maint and Operator manuals.
Atkinson, William
Pensacola, FL
6 Jun 02
Updated 18 Aug 02

282nd Avn Co RVN
D Trp 1/10 Cav 4th ID RVN
B Co 228th 1st Cav RVN
205th Avn Co Ft Benning GA
C Co 159th 101 Abn Div Ft Campbell KY
205th Avn Co Ger
178th Avn Co Ft Sill OK
179th Avn Co Ft Sill OK
17th Avn Grp ROK
14th Avn Bn Ft Sill OK
331st TC Co Ft Story VA
Web Site
Au, Randall
Kahuku, HI
3 Sep 06
Mar 06
196th Inf Bde
Ft Shafter, HI
(May 80 - Apr 84) B Co 501st ABC Ansbach Ger
(May 84 - Sep 86) E Trp 19th Cav Wheeler AFB HI
(Sep 86 - Oct 94) 193rd Avn (Atk) Wheeler AAF HI
(Nov 94 - Sep 97) 193rd Avn (Med Lift/AVIM) Wheeler AAF HI
(Sep 97 - Aug 99) 2-135 Avn (LUH) Buckley ANGB
(Aug 99 - Mar 06) 29th Inf Bde Kalaeloa
Aucoin, Rene
Plantation, FL
26 Mar 00

(Sep - Dec 69) Ft Eustis VA
(1970) B Co 228th 1st Cav Bearcat RVN
(71 - 72) FE Ft Rucker AL
Auer, Mark
Kearney, MO
13 Mar 16
Aug 99
PHI Air Medical
Kansas City, MO
(88) Flt School 88-17 Lt Blue Land Sharks Ft Rucker AL
(87 - 90) 190th Avn Co/C-158 Avn Olathe KS
(90) A Co 7/101 Desert Shield
(91 - 99) C 2/158 Olathe KS
Austin, Dan
Murfreesboro, TN
29 Jan 00

(Mar 68 - Mar 69) Gunner-CE-FE 15th TC 1st Cav Red Beach/Bear Cat RVN
Austin, James
Hazel Green, AL
12 Nov 06
10 Mar 16

(Jun 91 - Dec 92) E Co 6-158th Avn Geronimos Mainz-Finthen Ger
(Dec 92 - Feb 97) A Co 7-101 Avn Predators Ft Campbell KY
(Mar 97 - Jul 97) E Co Centurions Aviano Italy
(Aug 97 - Jun 00) C Co 3-160 SOAR NightStalkers Hunter AAF GA
(Jun 00 - Oct 00) Jimmy the Civilian
(Nov 00 - Jul 04) A Co 7-101 Avn Pachyderms Ft Campbell KY
(Jul 04 - May 05) D Co 7-101 Avn Dragons Ft Campbell KY
(Jun 05 - Apr 07) B Co 3-10 Avn Mountain Movers Ft Drum NY
(May 07 - May 11) D Co 4-160 SOAR Nightstalkers Ft Lewis WA
(Jun 07 - Jun 13) DCMA Boeing Philadelphia PA
(Oct 13) -- Retired!
Aviles, Joaquin
Killeen, TX
11 Oct 99
Updated 24 Apr 05
Jul 03
Acft Mech
Killeen, TX
(86 - 90) 196th ASH/A Co 2/159th Avn Regt Flippers Ft Bragg NC
(90 - 93) C Co 1/228th Avn Regt SugarBears South Ft Kobbe Panama
(93 - 97) B Co 3/160th SOAR(A) WarDogs HAAF Savannah GA
(97 - 01) Recruiter Killeen TX
(01 - 03) I Co 4/159th Avn Regt (AVIM) Ft Bragg NC/Bagram AB Afghanistan
(03) DynCorp Project OLR Killeen TX
Glad to be retired and serving those who serve by installing MWO's and helping to maintain the Chinook Fleet safe.
Ayers, Gareth
Steilacoom, WA
17 Jan 01

Maint Analyst
Boeing A&M
Seattle, WA
(88 - 91) SugarBears Panama
(91 - 94) FreightTrains Ft Lewis WA
(91 - 95) Innkeepers ROK
Ayers, Michael
Norman, OK
16 Oct 02
Updated 20 Feb 03
Lear Siegler Services
Site Supervisor
E Co 160th SOAG
D Co 160th SOAR Ft Campbell KY
Ayers, Samuel
Oak Grove, KY
13 Dec 03
Updated 20 Mar 08
Mar 07
B Co 1-52
Ft Wainwright, AK
(Aug 99 - Jan 99) C Co 1-222 Avn Ft Eustis VA
(Jan 00 - Aug 04) A Co 8-101 Ft Campbell KY
(Oct 04 - Aug 05) B Co 9-101 Avn Ft Campbell KY
Aykut, Korkut
Alexandria, VA
16 Nov 02
Sep 01
A Co 2/52nd Avn Regt
Camp Humphreys, ROK

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