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12 June 2005
I just posted the entry for 1SG Ron Yeary...the 3,000th listing on chinookcrews.com. I've been kinda lax on keeping everything current and improving on OUR site. I'll try to do better.
15 July 2000
Been kinda slackin' on getting entries posted the past couple of weeks due to outside influences. Posted the 1100th entry this afternoon.
15 June 2000
Kinda slacked off on the "history" keeping due to other commitments. As of June 5th we have cleared the 1,000 entry plateau. I've got pictures here from a bunch of you that I promise to get posted within the next week or so. I am also working on a memorial page which will be a cross reference from the normal alphabetical listings. I will be starting work on the actual database in the near future. Once that is ready, all you will have to do is email me a request, such as: "Send me a listing of everybody on the site that has ever been assigned to the Sugar Bears." I will query the listing and provide you with a list of all who have listed the Sugar Bears as one of their assignments. There is probably an automatic way to do this, but for the time being I'll keep it hands on.
13 Febuary 2000
Entry Number 604posted tonight.
24 January 2000
It has been a little less than 5 months since I first posted this page for the public, and today, I have just entered the
*** 502nd ***
name in the database. Your enthusiasm for the sight has exceeded what I hoped for when I started this site. Thanks to everyone for your support. I'm looking into a page for pictures that you can submit and download in the near future.
18 January 2000
Posted the 487th entry
16 January 2000
Broke the pages out at one letter per page. Not real happy with the way it looks, but will ride with it while I look at a different way to set it up.
15 January 2000
461 family members listed
13 January 2000
Made the 453rd entry this evening. We're growing fast. Thanks to all of you for your support. Hope to be able to make some formatting changes to make things easier in the near future, and possible plug in a photos page.
5 January 2000
Time for another format change to shorten the load time on the pages
2 January 2000
Now showing 380 Listings
Added User Comments Listing Page
26 Dec 99
350th Entry Posted
24 Dec 99
Happy Holidays to the Entire Chinook Family
29 Nov 99
Just logged the 250th entry
Have broken down the list into pages consisting of 3 letters each (A-C, D-F, etc)
If you notice any errors or descrepancies, please let me know.
26 Nov 99
205th Geronimos are planning a reunion for June, 2001.
For more information go to their web site at http://www.geronimos.org
(But don't forget to come back here when you are done!!)
24 Nov 99
200 entries on the site
21 Nov 99
Have received several requests for a "photos" page. As soon as I get finished with the database format change that I am working on now, I will get with my ISP and see about some additional server space, because I KNOW you are going to load me up with good "hookin' pics"
18 Nov 99
Now listing 150 family members
17 Nov 99
Got another format change in the works. Should make the listing more legible and give more room for comments and previous assignments.
13 Nov 99
New format completed and posted for trial run.
10 Nov 99
Reached 100 entries in the database
Format change coming this weekend. I've got too many names for a one page listing, so I am going to break it down into 4 or 5 letters per page accessible from a master page or each other. Locator URL will remain the same.
3 Nov 99
Reached 50 entries in the database
1 Nov 99
Leak in questionnaire is fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience. My ISP upgraded servers last week and we had to make a minor adjustment to the questionnaire script.
30 Oct 99
Seems I have a problem with my questionnaire all of a sudden. Bear with me while I work it out.
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