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Note that new entries are indicated with the graphic next to them. You can zero in on updates by looking for the graphic. These will appear at the top of the page and within the individual entry for a couple of weeks after the new info is posted. Please bear with me if you experience any problems, but, by all means, email me and let me know about them. Also please note that information listed was provided by the listed member on the dates indicated. is NOT responsible for the currency or accuracy of the listed information. Thanx for your support and welcome aboard!!

* * * PLEASE NOTE 7 November 2017 * * *
OK brothers, I am back. Starting November 7th, 2017 I will be going thru the backlog of updates and additions to get caught up I will be uploading often. After over a year of letting other priorities put this site on the back burner, I originally shut it down because the spammers had caught wind of the Questionnaire page and were nuking me with a couple hundred spams a day. It has been inactive long enough now that I'm hopeful that they have forgotten about it. I'm back at work on ChinookCrews but am having to learn an entirely new version of Dreamweaver (the program I use to maintain this site) and it is proving to be kind of frustrating. I've re-enabled the Questionnaire page. I will start by catching new entries and updates as they come and at the same time work on going thru the backlog of entries that I have piled up. I AM SORRY FOR THE INACTIVITY!! I will do my best to get things caught up as soon as possible!
I make all entries manually (copy and paste), so it may take a while for me to get caught up. Check back and look at what I posted to insure that I got it the way you want it to appear.

Currently showing 3,668names on the roster

Looking for a crewmember you were stationed with years ago? This is the place to look!! A place where all past and present Hookers, pilots, flight engineers, crew chiefs, mechanics, TIs, & allied shops folks, can leave a current email address where they can be contacted by other members of the "family". Go to the Locator Questionnaire Page to add your information to the database. Name, Rank (Current or last if no longer active duty), email address, city (or base) and state, current assignment or position, and a comments block are provided. The comments block is for previous assignment data or anything else that you would like me to post (within reason, of course. I reserve the right to edit any entry). The information you post will be manually entered upon receipt, so it should show up on the listing within a couple of days. Let me know if you have a related page that you would like to have a link to from here. Links to this page will be greatly appreciated and will help to expand the locator database. All comments, suggestions, and/or recommendations should be emailed to me at

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